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Where do the vehicle parts come from?

  • Insurance Companies.
    • In collaboration with the insurance companies, the car appraisal offices send us daily tenders for vehicles stored in the four corners of Belgium. Our company makes as many submissions as it can see from vehicles. At the end of the tender, the highest-bidder can acquire (in agreement with the owner) the vehicle for which he has bid.
    • We insure the daily removal of our vehicles within a maximum of one week after bid closing.
  • Individual.
    • When the insurance companies do not intervene in the compensation of their disaster, the individuals contact our company in order to resell their wreck.
  • What destination for these vehicles?
    • Most of our vehicles are sold to professionals of the automotive industry: merchants, coachbuilders, etc ... but do not neglect the individuals who sometimes find their happiness in the purchase of a wreck (mechanic at heart and in the hands!).
  • Our sales are realized both on the national territory, in Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Finland etc ...), and on the export (Poland, Lithuania, Czech etc ...).